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About iCanGet2

There are actually two products included in your $29.95 purchase...

1) Your own ICANGet2 Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App, (pre-designed to promote your ICANGet2 business!)

2) Monthly educational tele-seminars and webinars, taught by the 'Best of the Best', devoted exclusively to teaching, training, and demonstrating network marketing techniques and strategies. Learn the exact methods the experts use, and specifically what they are doing to make the money they are making with their program.

No! We will give you, in your welcome email, a link for your app and back office that you control from your desktop or laptop, and can preview on your computer.

Immediately upon completing the order form and placing your order, we create your app and pre-design it with the ICANGet2 program AND customize it with your Name and Email already on it! You receive instantly your welcome email with your login details to access your app, your promotional link, and marketing tools.

Give them your promotional link to use, to sign up. You can find this in your Distributor back office.

About the Silent Salesman™ App and Text/Push Messaging

Think of our Silent Salesman™ smartphone app as a World-Wide Mobile Marketing tool. Anyone around the world can download your app. And every app has text message capability in the U.S. or Canada, or Push messaging outside the U.S. and Canada. Subscribers now can even REPLY to text messages and/or push notifications. This gives you unprecedented communication ability with your entire customer and prospect base!

The 'shortcode' is what identifies your app. When your customers, members, prospects, etc. download your app they will be asked to enter your shortcode. This can be your name, your business name, a word, or short phrase to identify your app. The shortcode can be between five characters up to twelve characters and can only be lowercase letters or numbers - NO spaces, no hyphens, and no special characters such as #*&% etc.

For example, Joe's Pizza Restaurant might choose the shortcode 'joespizza', or 'pizza', or 'goodpizza', etc.

John Smith, who markets different things online and doesn't want to be tied down to one thing might use 'johnsmith' or 'jsmith' or 'johns' or 'bestonline' or 'onlinetools', etc.

NOTE: Put some thought into choosing your shortcode as it CANNOT be changed after setup.

Your app is already customized with the iCanGet2 program. We will be making training videos on how to customize your app available within the next week.

To promote iCanGet2, login to your iCanGet2 members back office which shows your promotional link at the top. Right under that is information with the signature file copy and instructions to add your signature file to your email.

We create your app and pre-design it with the ICANGet2 program AND customize it with your Name and Email already on it! But, you can change the messages on any of your app's pages at any time! Want to promote ICANGet2 this week, then another program next week, then a different program the following week and so on? No problem! Just log into your Admin Area, type some text, upload new photos, and that's it!

Because you use a Silent Salesman / signature file, (they are one and the same) do all the selling for you. You never have to reach out and talk to anyone again specifically about any program, but any email you respond to, any email that you write you sign your name, for example "Bill Smith" and underneath that just have it installed and this will happen automatically when you have added the signature file, which we teach you how to do. Let your readers see it and say 'Wow! I had no idea this person was so technically inclined!'

Yes! As the app can be customized for anything you wish you can change your app or have multiple apps promoting multiple products, services, programs, businesses, etc.. And it's not just for business. It's also perfect for associations, organizations, families, and yes, even to keep in touch with your friends instantly!

Just request additional apps thru your support ticket system and give us your name, email and phone.

Use sub line additional apps. We will contact you to set you up and each additional app will also go into the matrix to pay up line commissions. And you also receive 3$ per month commission on your own purchases but we need to do this annually for you.

No! Your app automatically comes customized with information promoting iCanGet2. And your app is easy to edit and update! You will be able to log in to your control panel and get this -- change your phone app any time you want. And you can change it to promote anything you wish at any time just by typing in or copy & pasting in new information. We even have images ready for you to choose from for a variety of business types.

Change your pages and content and images as often as you want, really... ten times a day, not a problem.

No! Log in to your back office, type your message, press submit... And POW! all your subscribers instantly get a text message or Push Notification!

You can do this as often as you like. We offer true unlimited messaging to all your app subscribers!

See your app set up letter after selecting your short code.

Yes! After you submit your shortcode, your App back office will give you automatically generated QR Codes for accessing both the download version of your app, as well as a QR code which links directly to the web version of your App.

Nothing! Instead of Signing IN, you must first Sign UP! Even if you are the owner of your own App, on first installation you must first Sign Up to register to use your App just like any end user.

See your app set up letter after selecting your short code you will get it by email.

This issue has now been resolved by our programming team. Your 3 digit shortcode will now work. Please try entering it into your downloaded app. We strongly recommend using 4+ digit shortcodes for any new app accounts however for better identification.

Yes you can! But, don't offer it as a sell... instead, offer it as a management service, where you build the app and send out messages etc.

Then charge more like $79 to $89 per month. Other companies do it for as much as $200 per month!

You own the app but you build it in their name!

As with any app, especially communication apps, our app must interact with your smartphone. There are certain things that the app has to do internally, and that is what it need permission to do.

Here is a list of permissions that the app MIGHT ask for, and what they mean:

Modify, delete and read storage: Gives the app permission to access the storage on your device in order to save and edit files. Most apps will require some kind of access, if only to keep temporary logs on your device.

Find and use accounts on the device: Google, Facebook, Twitter. These accounts are often integral to the way we use our phones, letting us tweet from anywhere or access Gmail from multiple apps. This permission gives an app the ability to tap into these accounts without jumping through hoops to make life more convenient for you.

Full network access: Just like the software on your laptop, most apps require some kind of Internet access, whether it's for software updates, syncing or retrieving data from online resources.

Phone status and identity: Don't panic: this doesn't mean it can listen in on your phone calls. This permission enables apps to recognize when a call comes in and give you the opportunity to answer it, pausing the current app in the background in the meantime.

Prevent phone from sleeping: When your phone or tablet goes into sleep mode, it can interrupt certain processes, such as data being written to the internal storage. This permission enables an app to keep your device 'awake' while important system tasks are being carried out; it can also be used by video players, for example, to keep the screen on.

Read and send text messages: Plenty of apps want to replace your phone's SMS functionality, and this permission can also be used to automatically scan your incoming texts for authorization codes (used where two-step authentication is involved).

Read your contacts: The ability to share content with your friends in some way is often the underlying purpose, though the permission might also be requested so that the app can quickly auto-complete the names of your contacts whenever required.

About the Opportunity

A signature file (or sig file) is a block of text automatically appended at the bottom of an email message. It is an automatic way to 'sign' every email that you initiate or reply to. Think of how a letter is signed:
John Doe
ABC Company
The best widgets in the world!

Instead of having to type your name, your link, and a brief message, the signature file will automatically be added to every email.

Imagine under your position you have two positions (2), and then two positions under each of those positions (4), and then under each of those positions you have two positions (8), and so on. (You can see an example of this on the website under the "About The Opportunity" link.)

The 'forced' part of it is its ability to spillover, for example if you sign up 3 people, the 3rd person goes under one of your two underneath you. This unique characteristic of a forced matrix plan helps your downline distributors to build our their downlines and benefits everyone in your downline.

Spillover helps motivate your downline, and downlines will fill in more levels and go deep faster.

This also means there are no empty holes or positions in your downline.

14. (You can see an example of this on the website under the "About The Opportunity" link.)

Yes! You earn a bonus of $3 for every personally referred sale!

Either by check or by Paypal. We will be adding additional payment methods in the future.

Your enrollee signed up as a Free distributor and did not make an app purchase. Therefore they will earn only $3 on their sales, but those sales will show up in your genealogy. It's the app sale that creates a genealogy position. We offer people a way to make money with us without spending any money so we are legally compliant as we do not pay on recruiting but pay on sales instead.

About your ICANGet2 account

Please try logging in again. Please be sure not to have any spaces, watch closely for the difference between letters and numbers (a lowercase 'L' can easily be mistaken for a number '1') and remember this is case sensitive.

You will want to use both!

Each Silent Salesman App purchaser is automatically enrolled as a member in the distributor pool for free to promote the iCanGet2 program (unless they choose to opt out of this on the order form). Because of this you will receive two emails with log in information. One of these is for using your Silent Salesman App, and one is for your promotion of iCanGet2 as a member.

To use your own app you will login to your App back office where you can choose your shortcode, customize your app if you wish, or use it as is to promote iCanGet2, send text/push messages, and update at any time. (It comes pre-designed and customized to promote the iCanGet2 program).

To promote the iCanGet2 program you will want to login to your Member back office, follow the instructions for adding your signature file, and to use the marketing tools. Your Member back office is also where we will update you on upcoming webinars and tele-seminars, share new updates, and post recorded training sessions.

We will ad to this as is necessary , if you have something not covered here please use the support ticket system.

You may login at the same login page for both your App and Distributor accounts. Depending on which account name/password combination you use, will each take you to the different back office area you are looking for.

Please follow these steps to select your shortcode...

1. Log in to your APP Back office. You will see a message at the top of the page: "IMPORTANT! You must select a Shortcode/URL for your app in order to activate and to begin building/customizing it! Please click the 'Manage your App' tab in the navigation bar on the left to get started!"

2. Look at the list of links on the left-hand side of the page and Click the "Manage your App" link. Carefully read the instructions for creating your shortcode, and/or see the FAQ's for more information and help with deciding on your shortcode.

3. Once you start to type in your shortcode you will see a button appear to setup your app, which you must click when you are ready to save your shortcode.

4. After clicking the app setup button click the home button and your home page will change to show your shortcode and app distribution instructions.

Not a Distributor yet?