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  • A Mobile Marketing App and Opportunity

    The world has gone mobile... and continues to do so at a staggering rate!

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    The ICANGet2 Founders Pack!

    Now get a pack of 10x our prestigious Silent Salesman Apps™, deeply discounted. You can resell and keep all the $$$!

Learn more About the Opportunity

It all starts with the Silent Salesman App™. A powerful (and customizable) communication tool for your business, organization, or just for fun!

This is NOT an app for you to download. This is an app which you control, customize, and have other people download... It's YOUR advertising and communication tool!

It's like a mini mobile website, but instead of going to a website address on their phone's browser, people actually download your app directly to their smartphones! This is extremely important and revolutionary for several reasons!

YOU are the owner!

You own your app. You control and change the content whenever you like. You don't need to download your own app to your phone. In fact, you don't even need to own a smartphone to own your own app and be a big part of this revolution with us!

Other people download your App!

You simply have your customers or prospects download your App, and enter your unique "Shortcode"(which you pick)! Your app users are not charged anything to download or use your app!

You use it to advertise!

Your app has several pages you can customize to promote whatever you like! Everyone who downloads it will see and interact with your content!

You use it to communicate!

Your app comes with the ability to send message broadcasts to everyone who downloads it. Your messages go out instantly via text message or Push Notification!

And, during our Relaunch/Prelaunch phase, you keep a full $28.95 of the $29.95 purchase price the first month on everyone you personally sponsor!

The ICANGet2 infrastructure is so powerful and revolutionary, it is Patent Pending!

Awesome Features

  • A True Downloadable App

    Your App is available to download on both Apple and Android devices!

  • Easy to Customize

    If you can type and click, you can customize your own app!

  • 24/7 Unlimited Messaging!

    Send SMS Text and Push Notification as often as you like. This one feature alone is worth much more than your App's modest cost.

  • Add Audio and Video!

    You can even easily add audio and video to your app pages!

  • QR Codes provided free!

    Scannable barcodes take users directly to your app! use them on business cards, signs, menus, point of purchase displays, etc., etc.!

  • Near Universal Compatibility

    Your app works on nearly every smartphone, iPhone and Android included.

All for just $29.95/mo!

You Own It! Control the content of your app at any time from any web browser!

It's YOUR app!

As soon as you place your order, we create your app and pre-design it with the ICANGet2 program AND customize it with your Name and Email already on it!

But, you can change the messages on any of your app's pages at any time! Want to promote ICANGet2 this week, then another program next week, then a different program the following week and so on? No problem! Just log into your Admin Area, type some text, upload new photos, and that's it!

Whoever has downloaded your app will see your new content instantly in real time.

And sending out your message broadcasts is just as easy! Log in, type your message, press submit... And POW! all your subscribers instantly get a text message or Push Notification! You can do this as often as you like! We offer true unlimited text messaging!

And YOU do not even need to have a smartphone yourself to be a big part of this revolution with us!


Login from ANY web browser (desktop, smartphone, tablet etc) to customize your app with anything you like! The simple interface requires NO technical knowledge to change whatever you wish to prmote. If you can type and press submit, you can customize your own app!


Think of your app as software for a smart phone that allows you to change its content and brand and promote any site or business you want anytime! And when you do it automatically shows up on the already downloaded smart phone. It's AMAZING!


Super-easy text and push broadcasts to all your app users! All you do is log in to your app management area (from any PC or mobile device), go to your Messaging Center, enter your message and press submit. It could not be simpler!

Staggering statistics show
Why you need to be a part of this trend ... NOW!


Text Messages Read
Within 5 Minutes
of Receipt


Mobile Internet Searches
have now surpassed desktop!


Small Business Web Sites
which are NOT yet
Mobile Friendly


Global Mobile Growth in 2015

As a Distributor You Earn Commissions by Introducing the Silent Salesman App™ to Other People Through Our Powerful 2x14 Forced Matrix

Just get 2!

The ICANGet2 network marketing model revolves around a simple forced matrix concept.

You become a distributor and make a sale. That sale creates a matrix position. Below that are two available positions. Those fill up when you sponsor just two new sales. And after they fill up, any new sales you refer get placed below those spots! Thus, you just helped your downline generate a downline of their own. Of course, the same happens when your own upline refers sales of their own... those sales get placed below you!

This goes on for 14 full levels. When your matrix is full, you earn over $72,703 every month! (And that's not even counting any personal sponsored sale bonuses you would be earning!) And it all starts with just 2!

All the while your upline and your entire downline are all working together to help you fill your matrix. You are not doing this alone! That's the magic and power of the forced matrix system!

2x14 Forced Matrix

Upline AND downline synergy so everyone benefits!

A Simple Structure

No "Legs" or "balancing". No need to babysit your organization!

No Quotas!

Earn from your very first referral. No quotas or minimums ever!

Not a Distributor yet?

Additional Features

All for just $29.95/mo!

Getting Started Options

  • Free entry into distributor pool!
  • Does NOT include your own customizable app.
  • Qualify for commissions immediately upon making first sale.
  • Get your own customizable app! (Pre-designed to promote your ICANGet2 business!)
  • Entry into 2x14 Forced Matrix!
  • Qualify for commissions immediately!

Want to Learn More?

Simply put, your app is software for a smart phone that allows YOU to change its content and brand and promote any site or business you want anytime! And when you do it automatically shows up on the already downloaded smart phone. It's AMAZING!

Watch our video to learn more about the capabilities of the amazing ICANGet2 Silent Salesman App™!

Just click the play button in the center of the video to start watching!

The ICANGet2 Founders Pack!

Now available!

Get 10 copies of our completely customizable Silent Salesman App™, the same app that other pay $250 and $99/month, for just $250 one time price! (You pay just a one time fee of only $250 for all ten, with NO monthly fees!)

With this deeply discounted package, you can make hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Simply customize and resell the finished app to your clients for any price you wish, and keep all the money!

You'll even earn a commission of $125 for every personally referred Founders Pack! (That's on top of your normal matrix commission for participating in and making sales for ICANGet2!) This commission happens automatically, just pick up your own Founders Pack to unlock commissions for it!

And, on the second Tuesday of every month, everyone is invited to a special webinar to learn how to build custom apps for yourself or your customers. We'll literally teach you live how to profit with this!

After you join ICANGet2 as a distributor, you'll see an option on your Thank You page to purchase the Founders Pack. Grab that immediately! You'll get a special back office, just for that, to request your 10x apps as you need them and are ready for them!

Get started now!

An introduction to Mike G (the CEO), and this program

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