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    CEO and Founder of The ICANetwork and ICANGet2

    Would you like to earn up to $72,703 per month (or more) by inviting just two people (or less) into a $29.95/mo program?

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An introduction to Mike G (the CEO), and this program

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Mike G here. Funny things happen when you start holding world records on the internet.

I Am #1 for Three Different Network Marketing Programs Worldwide

You see, apparently word has gotten around that I am the only person in the world that has put more than 11,000 people into a single network marketing program and that program sold for $79 and $49 to be a member.

And all of these people were direct signups, not downline. To my knowledge no one has stepped forward or even come close to this record. And this record is not something I have made up but has been told to me many times by network marketing company owners.

I am also told that I am the only person in the world to put more than 5,000 people into a network marketing program, and in fact I've done that with two different companies. And each of those programs were over $49 to join and over $49 a month to stay a member. Again, directly sponsored people. And, for all three of these programs I have never once picked up the phone and spoken to a prospect and said you need to join this program or persuaded them or cajoled them or attempted in any way to join. I simply sent an email out to my list. And my list knows that I work hard to make certain that I offer only the best opportunities, the best advice, the best of anything having to do with the internet.

Treat your list with respect is my motto, and your list will treat you in kind by voting for you with their dollars. It's just how the world works. We all know and have all heard this passage - "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

If you follow that golden rule, the world will have a way of repaying you many times over, I am living proof of that!

A Brand New 2x14 Forced Matrix

I have built out a brand new 2x14 forced matrix, and I love forced matrix programs because they are simple to explain to people, and you don't need a PhD in network marketing to understand binary this, bypass that, first leg up, second leg down, etc.... it gets crazy and sometimes even my head gets spinning.

The fact of the matter is, I will not promote a program if I can't describe it in 30 seconds or less. I'll leave those types of programs up to the professional network marketers.

I prefer to promote business and money making opportunities to people that can be explained simply so those folks can turn around and explain it to someone else simply, and that my friend, is the magic behind network marketing - people who tell people who tell people who tell people.

Don't Fall For It

Don't fall for those big money programs! They tell you how many hundreds or thousands of dollars you can make per member. Listen, it's true that you can with some of these programs, but your marketplace becomes narrower and narrower and grows smaller every time you add a one hundred dollar bill to the cost to join. Why limit yourself? Why go after such a small market when the marketplace is enormous?

The Internet Is Projected To Double In The Next Three Years

When I first read that the internet is projected to double in the next three years I nearly fell out of my chair. And I sat there and thought about that article, trying to figure out what I read before figuring out where the author was going with it. I knew there had to be substance from it because the author was a staff writer for CISCO, a fortune 500 company. And in fact I did figure it out before I finished the article... Have you figured it out yet?

It is because, and only because, when you and I first got into the internet we had to go out and spend several hundred dollars if not more for a laptop or a PC, and then we had to buy separately a subscription from ISP so we would have access to the internet.

But as Cisco pointed out that is no longer the case. Because today, anyone with half decent credit can walk in to any cell phone provider store or up to any kiosk and leave with a pocket-size computer that oh, by the way, "you can make or take calls with it."

You know what I'm talking about here, don't you? Smart phones are not only changing the way we interact with one another on the internet but they are changing our culture at the very core.

Currently right now, as I write you this letter, 55% of all internet traffic is coming from a smartphone, and right now more than 64% of all U.S. adults own a smartphone. And Cisco tells us that within the next three years, because all it will take to have internet access and the primary way that people will go online and engage is through the use of their smartphone is exclusively through those smartphones.

Make No Mistake About It

I'm vibrating in my chair! I've been at it 18 years on the internet and I've worked hard to develop a good reputation and offer good products and smart products, services that work and do what they promise. And I've had my share of mistakes just like everyone else but when I do, I find a way to fix them. Period.

But I tell you what, I'm not making a mistake about this. As the internet continues it's march towards doubling in it's size within the next three years, all new fortunes will be made. These are the same people who have been online for the past five years, ten years, fifteen years, but these people and new legions of them are coming online exclusively with that pocket sized pc known as a smartphone, that they carry with them whereever they go, you know, that now ubiquitious smartphone and you can cash in on it in allkinds of ways. It's amazing!

I've built out this brand new network marketing company as my way to answer the question I'm asked no less than once a day and oftentimes more...

Will You Join And Promote My Program?

You see, that's the essence of my program, I am overwhelmed some days with the number of people, deserving people, good people, who know of my reputation, who know of my marketing muscle, who want me and desperately need me, who are practically begging for me to join their program and promote for them. Some so they can add to their pile of already bags of money, some so they can just make the next mortgage payment, and everybody else in between. This may sound corny but sometimes I even tear up just reading those emails. It's a shame and it doesn't have to be that way.

I get so many requests that there are not enough mailing days in my life to promote every program that I am presented with. Amazing, isn't it. And I have to say 'no' to these folks and I have to say 'no' to them because and primarily because I own TheICANetwork.com and that is a network marketing company, and the last thing I want is for my members to think that I have jumped ship and I have decided to market someone else's network markeitng program ...because I have not jumped ship. The ICANetwork is my baby. I have a fortune tied up in it and it is doing well and will continue to do well, and I will do nothing to damage it's reputation.

Here comes ICANGet2.com

It's a brand new very simple 2x14 forced matrix. A program where I am at the #1 spot and if nobody ever joined it ever (which would be impossible), I would eventually fill the matrix by myself. Remember my record? 11,000 people just in one program? A 2x14 matrix has 32,766 people in it... I can fill that on my own. Not overnight, it might take some time but I can do it. But I won't need to do it by myself. And neither will you!

Don't Forget!

The people above you and the people below you are all helping you fill your matrix. (Including me... I am at the top of your personal matrix, also helping you fill your matrix!) It's the amazing power of teamwork working for you... And all of these people also get their share of the 60% commissions we pay out on this amazingly affordable $29.95 per month program.

The product is amazing.

You see, we own the product the Silent Salesman™ Mobile Marketing App. I was offered last April $100,000.00 by wire the next day, just for the rights to market it for one year, and I turned the man down cold. And I turned him down cold because I built this product exclusively for the members of The ICANetwork. Can you imagine a mobile marketing app where you can send a text message any time of the day or night with no extra fee to anyone who opts in and gives you their phone number if they are in the U.S. or Canada? And if they are not in the U.S. or it's territories or Canada, the system will automatically recognize that and send them a push message.

In fact, the system will send them a push message even if they declined to opt in to the text messaging and it is perfectly legal to do so because we tell them that when they are given the instructions on how to download and install this tremendous marketing and communication app on their smartphone.

So even people who choose not to optin and give a phone number the system will know and send them a push message and instead of the phone ringing or chiming or however the owner of that smartphone establishes their settings, they will know they have a text message coming in. But we do the same thing with a push message except for this, in the backoffice the owner of the mobile marketing communication app will simply write the text message, press send, and it will go to everybody who has downloaded the app even if they have not opted in with a phone number.

Obviously it goes as a text to those that gave a phone number but those who did not or are not in the U.S. or Canada, the icon on their phone if it's a newer phone will start blinking, blink, blink, blink. If it's a mid-range older phone the icon will have a number show up next to it telling the owner of the smartphone that they have a message or how many messages they have on the app. And if it's a very early smartphone model, and I mean going back to 2007 or so, the icon changes color. And again, we tell folks upon download how they will be notified of any push message that comes in.

This program is 100% legally compliant everywhere!

This program is 100% legally compliant everywhere because we do not pay for recruiting or sponsoring members ever. In fact, if an individual wishes to join so they may make money without buying the app, they may do so at no cost. We are 100% product driven, i.e. the app!

It is delivered to the purchaser in a format to be used as a sales funnel to promote ICANGet2, but at the purchasers option may be modified to promote any product or service or opportunity the purchaser desires! And we teach all buyers how to do this with a series of mini videos in their app management back office. In addition to teleseminars and webinars.

Smart phones are replacing computers and lap tops and apps are replacing websites!

You need our "Silent Sales Man Mobile Marketing App" which also will serve you as a mobile friendly website if you plan on remaining or becoming successful on the net!

And you don't even need to have a smart phone!

And this is really cool! No other company, no other app has ever done this... We will give you, in your welcome email, a link for your app and back office that you control from your desktop or laptop. You don't even need a smartphone! We have 100% of the market covered!

A Very Powerful Way To Communicate

Imagine you want to keep your members, customers, subscribers, parishioners, prospects, up-to-date on anything your business is doing or your organization is doing, special meetings, specials sales not available to the general public. Forget the old fashioned phone tree method of getting a hold of everybody, send them a text or push message. Use technology - it makes the world so much simpler and efficient.

Every purchaser gets our new mobile marketing communication app, and a signature file with complete instructions on how to install it, so it automatically pops up into any reply you send in an email or any email you initiate.

Underneath your name and next to the logo for ICANGet2 will be this headline, probably the best I have ever written: "Tap Or Click Here To Learn How You Can Make Up To $72,703.00 (or more!) Per Month Sponsoring Just 2 People Into a $29.95 Program."

If this seems like an impossible number and a lot of hype... it isn't! This is my backyard. This is my sandbox. And I assure you this is very real and every day kind of money for people who tap into the power of the internet.

This signature file alone is how you can get you your two people and more, and how everyone that joins under you can get their two people and more! It is unobtrusive, non-invasive marketing that goes viral and the internet loves this kind of marketing.

Let the "Silent Salesman" let the signature file, (they are one and the same) do all the selling for you. You never have to reach out and talk to anyone again specifically about any program, but any email you respond to, any email that you write you sign your name, for example "Bill Smith" and underneath that just have it installed and this will happen automatically when we teach you how to do it, the signature file, every time. Let your readers see it and say 'Wow! I had no idea this person was so technically inclined!'

What a wonderful way to market! Its not in your face, it's not pushy - it's subtle. And you may not realize it but it's true. You may not even agree - but it's true. But the internet has changed 180 degrees just in the last five years. People no longer like or appreciate in your face marketing. But if you very subtly show them your signature file that is also an app with sales copy next to it, that talks about the benefits of at least opening the app - upon opening they get instructions on the benefits of it, the program, and of course how to install the app - this is intelligent selling. This is the kind of selling that is unique only to the internet.

Radio, television, newspaper, magazines, all of these are quite different. People expect different advertising methods from radio, television, newspaper, and magazines, they expect it. It's become acceptable and has been for decades. But the internet, because it is constantly evolving, because it has become a vehicle by which we get to know one another, the best way to market on the internet is those people whom you know and or by very subtly "discover" what you have to say.

This is one of the two primary products that we offer to everyone who joins ICANget2.com.

The second product is this. Every month I invite someone who approaches me to join their program, if they are successful at marketing their program, to share with my entire audience of ICANget2 members, not only how they are marketing their program but exactly and specifically what they are doing to make the money they are making with their program. And I assure you I will select only the best of the best. And as a member of ICANget2.com you are free to join these programs and build multiple streams of income.

So my solution to my problem is to offer as an ICAN property a brand new 2x14 and anybody, and I mean anybody, can get two sales. Doing nothing but using the Silent Salesman™. People with lists and large followings on social media sites and data bases of members, customers, and subscribers, will absolutely kill it with this application. But anybody can get two. In fact, make that your mission. You get two, and everybody who joins gets two and I guarantee you every matrix will fill out.

60 percent
Incredible Money Can Be Made On A $29.95 Program - Plus! Earn a whoppping 96.6% Fast Start Signing Bonus in month one!

ICANget2.com will pay out an incredible 60% of our gross income.

It's only $29.95 a month and that includes the Silent Salesman™ - which is far more than that just to have it made. In fact it's customized for every member. The order form will certainly ask for the member's name, their contact information, a phone number if they would like to offer their phone number to their prospects who may have questions for them about ICANget2, or any program. And of course the ability to communicate and talk about the next monthly meeting - emergency meetings and when they are happening, how they are making the money they are making, and anything they want to talk about. They just type it in their backoffice as a text message and press send and it will go as a text to everyone who has given a phone number and to everyone else it goes as a push message.

When you refer a new customer, in the very first month, we pay you, the referring sponsor, a whopping $28.95! That's 96.6% of the entire $29.95 that we collect. In fact we, the company, keep just $1 that first month! There is no limit to the number of people you may personally sponsor!

The customer then is entered into your Matrix and generates a commission monthly based on the chart below depending on which level of you matrix they land on.

Then, starting in month two, to pay out 60% (or $18 bucks), we reserve $6 from each and every sale and pay it to you, the personally sponsoring member (regardless of what level the sale lands on). Then we pay out the remaining $12 divided between the 14 upline levels. The total amount paid out to you on a full 2x14 matrix is a whopping $72,703.00 A MONTH! And that's with NO personally sponsored members. Remember, you get $6 bonus commission every month for every personally sponsored membership! So, if you've personally put people into your matrix, your monthly commission will actually be much higher!

And remember, you can have many many customers in your matrix that were personally sponsored by people in your upline AND in your downline... Those customers will, through the process of Spillover, all go into your matrix and generate commissions based on the chart below!

And, as a customer and Founders Pack purchaser, you'll also earn $125 from every personally enrolled customer who also purchases the Founders Pack!

This is beautiful, this is smart, this is marketing for the times. Let me repeat that - This is marketing for the times.

Everything is different now. If you are wondering why you are making less and working harder on the internet, it's because things have changed so dramatically. Be part of the change and good times will be here again for you. They are for me because I've always stayed up with the changes.

Spillover happens automatically in a forced matrix because you get paid on the sales the people above you put in the ICANGet2 matrix below you, and there will be no holes. If someone's credit card is declined for whatever reason or whatever problem because people do have problems (I wish them all well and I'll pray for all of them that do) but someone has to drop out it won't be because they want to, I can assure you of that, someone else will move up into that spot - There will not be any holes in the matrix. That way everyone who joins will ultimately and inevitably have a matrix of exactly 32,766 people. Do you know what that pays in commission income? Hang on to your hat for this one... It pays out $72,703. I think that bears repeating - It pays out $72,703 A MONTH!

And I repeat myself, so parden me, but anyone can get two for a $29.95 a month program. Anyone can do this!

This is the world's only network marketing company devoted exclusively to teaching, training, and demonstrating network marketing techniques and strategies. And it is the only program in the world offering our Silent Salesman™ as the primary marketing tool. We developed it, we own it, there is not another one like it in the world. Just use it! And don't give up once you got your two, keep going!

The Matrix Breakdown

Here it is... here's what you make on each level of sales! Note: In addition to all the commission below, you earn a bonus of $6 for every personally referred sale!


per level

per sale

Total payout
per level

1 2
$0.50 $1.00
2 4 $0.50 $2.00
3 8 $0.50 $4.00
4 16 $0.50 $8.00
5 32 $0.50 $16.00
6 64 $0.50 $32.00
7 128 $0.50 $64.00
8 256 $0.50 $128.00
9 512 $0.50 $256.00
10 1024 $0.50 $512.00
11 2048 $1.00 $2,048.00
12 4096 $1.00 $4,096.00
13 8192 $2.00 $16,384.00
14 16384 $3.00 $49,152.00





Automatic Re-entry

And I don't want to get complicated because this is a simple program. But once your 2x14 matrix is full you automatically start over and re-enter with a brand new matrix. You don't lose any income from the first one you built, you just start a second one, then you start the third one... Automatically. Beautiful, smart, and profitable marketing. Truly amazing.

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